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Rugby hiccup

2022-06-25 01:11Women's football match
Summary: What is rugby feeding like? Is this the right feeding methodThe football style breast feeding posture is very correct. This kind of breast feeding posture can save children effort and make them eat ha
What is rugby feeding like? Is this the right feeding method
The football style breast feeding posture is very correct. This kind of breast feeding posture can save children effort and make them eat happily. The mother can put the baby on one side of the body, and then clamp the baby's legs with the arm bend like a football under her armpit, and support the baby's back with the forearmWhich feeding position is not easy to spit
If the baby lies in the middle of his mother's elbow with his head on his right side, hold the baby's bottom with his left hand, and vice versa. This position is suitable for premature or light infants; The rugby baby sits on the mother's side, with the baby's upper body facing the mother's breast, and the mother's forearm supporting the baby's head and neckHow many ways can Bao Ma easily cope with her baby's spitting milk
1. The method for the older generation to stay is simple and primitive, but it is really very useful. That is, don't hurry to put down the baby after feeding. Hold the baby for a while and belch the baby. This method can effectively reduce the baby's vomiting. When burping your child, you should also pay attention to the technique, with five fingers togetherWhat about Rugby feeding? What is football feeding
Mother will alRugby hiccupso feel back pain. Rugby style position when feeding the baby, you want to let the baby absorb more nutrition. At this time, you must pay attention to the use of rugby style feeding position. The mother can choose to sit on the chair and hold her baby like a cradleHow can babies hold breastRugby hiccup feeding to calculate correct posture
As the name suggests, "Rugby style" is to clip the baby under the arm (the arm on the same side as the breast), just like holding a rugby or handbag. First, put the baby under the arm on the side of the body. He should face you, with his nose to the height of your nipple, and his feet behind youHow women feed
(4) After feeding, hold the baby vertically, burp his head on his shoulder, and expel the air swallowed by the baby during feeding. (5) For artificially fed babies, pay attention to the size of the pacifier to adjust the milk flow speed. The above contents are for reference only. Please follow the doctor's guidance for specific diagnosis and treatment. Encyclopedia of famous doctors all rights reserved, no reprint without permissionHow to burp in rugby breast-feeding
The simplest way for twins to feed them is to use "Rugby style" on both sides of their left and right hands. When breast-feeding, prepare two cushions (or a special breast-feeding cushion) in advance. Two cushions, one on the left and the other on the right, ensure that both mother and baby are in a comfortable position. Put the two babies on the cushions on both sidesWhat should Baoma do better to breast feed smoothly
Let the baby hold most of the nipples and areola. Be careful nRugby hiccupot to let the child eat air, which will make the child feel uncomfortable. Try to pick up the baby and feed it. I recommend these breast-feeding postures: cradle, olive, side horizontal and rugbyWhat is rugby feeding like? Do you feel this way of feeding is good
Therefore, treasure mothers must take the correct posture when feeding, and also need to belch after feeding to discharge the inhaled air, so as tRugby hiccupo avoid danger. Today, let's take a look at the correct feeding posture. The first is the feeding posture of football
Rugby hiccup

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